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July 15, 2002

Loser Fame

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Ok, color it a private victory. I made the 100 most read on Userland today (#79 at the moment.) An anomoly & a fluke perhaps, but hey it doesn’t take much sometimes :p


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Another Madiera, M’Dear?.

From Ananova, but too good to not quote in its entirety.

An Italian professor says it takes 15 minutes of oral sex to burn off the calories consumed in a long sip of wine.

Dietician Bruno Fabbri has been looking into the exercise value of sexual activities.

He found a 26-minute sex session which ends with an orgasm gets rid of half a pizza.

French-kissing for 53 minutes can help you lose the fat found in a burger and chips meal.

News2000 website reports that even undoing a bra can help you lose fat.

He said: “That’s not of course if you unclasp the bra with two hands, which will cost you just eight calories, but unclasping it with only one hand statistically takes the count to 18.

“Trying to unclasp a bra with one’s mouth instead takes an average 87 calories.”


[Over the Edge]

See it’s that last bit that gets me…

With one’s mouth? Damn. I consider myself pretty worldly in that regard, but I never even considered that.

Google Integrity

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Interesting article. It contains a fair amount of what seems to be pure conjecture about the internal workings of Google. But there are nonetheless several interesting points. And it’s actually a pretty good read, which is rare enough to warrant a read these days.

Dave Winer: Duncan Wilcox on Google’s Integrity. This is a must read from Dave Winer at Scripting News. Duncan Wilcox explains some of the details of how… [www.davidwatson.org]

The original story

The Spam Has Got To Go

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John Patrick: The Spam Has Got To Go. People are going to demand that their political leaders do something about spam. This will lead to regulation of the Internet. I think most of us feel that Internet regulation can be costly, limit innovation and hurt productivity. I believe that an ingredient of the long-term answer to the problem is authentication. [Tomalak's Realm]

Bingo! He’s right of course. We’re quickly hitting the critical mass of unwanted emails where instead of using filters to get rid of unwanted subject lines and content, we begin to use filters to INCLUDE email we expect and want, and dump everything else. I for one think this is a sad sad and equally necessary state of affairs. But legislation is not the answer. I mean hell, doesn’t the government manage enough for us already? I think as a bunch of geeks we should keep the government as uninvolved as we can so we can do something about it ourselves.

For instance: Plug the “from” forgery hole.

<brainstorming> It would certainly not be a programming challenge to institute a series of policies (both programmatic and human) that required:

  • Outgoing email to originate from a valid address.
  • incoming email to have a ’signature of authentication’ from the trusted source (possibly the SMTP server itself, instead of the actual sender.)
  • I’m sure there was a third thing… oh well.
  • Ah yes, require reply emails to be routable to the original sender, or an agent authorized to act onbehalf of that sender (like a list admin program.)

This would create the critical accounting trail for an individual email that says “Yep, this message comes from the person or organization it claims to come from.” The reason … excuse me… “A” reason spam is the sludge monster that it is stems from the forgery. There’s no traceback. If you knew a reply would get back to the sender of a message, then spammers would be flooded out of existence. They rely on the fact that currently, that can simply not happen.</brainstorming>

If I were an abstract thinker, this would sound an awful lot like another conversation… But I’ll leave that for the people who think way too much. Wouldn’t want to be tagged as THAT much of a geek.

License to Plunder

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Those people who know me (of whom very few read this blog) know that I am a remarkably difficult person to piss off. I’ve been through my fair share of b.s. in this life and come out the other side. But THIS makes me very very angry. This is the first paragraph of an article I got from InfoWorld today.

MICROSOFT RAISED THE ire of critics and customers alike
by sneaking a new EULA (end-user license agreement)
into a critical security patch delivered in June for
Windows Media Player. The EULA grants Microsoft the
unrestricted right to automatically alter your copy of
Windows so that it will “… disable your ability to
copy and/or play secure content and use other software
on your computer.” Well, that only applies to home
users of Windows. Surely vendors would never be stupid
enough to antagonize corporate customers with such
“guilty when charged” intellectual property protection
policies, would they?

I could spit. I could just friggin spit. Where’s Angry White Girl? I need a really juicy insult to toss at Redmond…

I have had


of their bullshit.

Excuse me… I have to go duct tape my skull back together, it seems the stress fissures have split again.


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I realize this damages my geek cred…

… but could someone please fill me in on the origins and/or significance of “w00t” ~ generally accompanied by an exclamation mark.

I get it that it’s a term, or shout, of approbation and enthusiasm. I’d just like to know where the hell it comes from.



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This is really cool! Great way to see radio sites I’d otherwise not have “entry” into.

More Blue Dot Goodness.

I just realized that I never formally noted that I joined the jenett.radio.randomizer network. To find random Radio sites, just click on the little box with a blue dot in it in the right-hand column. Thanks for setting this up, Joe!

[The Shifted Librarian]

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Truly Closing The Loop With Trackback. [n-generations of discussion rather copiously snipped]

TrackBack is a fantastic idea, because I could never manually find all of the posts that might point to mine. So it goes out and harvests them for me, but the problem becomes time to review them. Depending on how popular your posts are, it might be useful to Trackback notifications into your news aggregator. Of course, this could pretty overwhelming for folks like Dave and Doc but then again, it might save them the type of finding the cites manually.

And could you build a master database of these things and organize them by category? Kind of make a Social Sciences Citation Index for your site? Something like that would be extremely useful within the Illinois libraries blogosphere I want to implement.

[The Shifted Librarian]

Of course you could. You’d need a few pieces of critical information to really kick the shit out of this. I’m gonna spend some time puttering around with Movable Type since that seems to be the defacto (only?) implementation point.

From there you rely on the open scripting architecture in your blog tool to create arbitrarily complex use of it. This is one of the (remarkably few) shortcomings of radio, but that’s a different poorly formed, sleep-deprivation driven rant.

Blogerati? Whups

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The Universe loves to smack me with humbling moments, especially after a rant like that. After spending a few minutes congradulating myself on the word “Blogerati” I figured I’d go look it up on Google on a hunch.

Well, go ahead… I’ll wait…
Yep. Fortunately I think it’s really funny. Parallel evolution then.

Oh stop already.

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I keep reading entries discussing the idea “how silly it is that there
are books coming out about blogging.”

Look, there’s a simple fact that seems to elude most of the Blogerati,
if I may coin a term. Most people (something that has no
statistically relevant deviation from EVERYONE) have NO idea that
blogs exist. The books about blogging need to be there. We’re in a
pretty self-congradulatory medium here. Hell, I’d even go so far as
to say that an inaccurate book is better than no book. (Bit of a moot
point since four are coming out, I understand.) I hate to disappoint people
(actually that’s getting tougher to say with a straight face) but I
don’t much care what the “history of blogging” is. I DO want it to be
accurate when it is published. But the battle is an academic

Now listen carefully: Any one
medium is insufficient. Why? Exposure. The blogosphere is a pretty incestuous mutual admiration society. Communication across an additional medium gets the idea across to an audience that isn’t already initiated. If you’re not a part of the… ok I’ll say it again
“Blogerati” then the presence of 4 books probably offers a useful and
refreshing breadth (introduction) of perspectives, and after all… perspective is
everything ;).

Guess what… I very very much
appreciate what Dave Winer and the rest of the Blogerati are doing and have done.
But damnit if it weren’t for them would I be here?

You bet your ass
I would. I’d just have a Wiki instead. Or a Zope site. Doesn’t make any difference
to me.

Or do I owe y’all an apology ;)

Now you want to see
blogging take off? Wait my friends… Wait for TrackBack!

THAT is going to turn blogging upside down and sideways.

Why? Glad
you asked (sucker.)

Blogging is currently a one-way medium. Best you
can do is have 2 (ok, “N”) people subscribing to each other’s
monologues. But with TrackBack you close the loop and notify your
conversation partner that it’s now her/his turn. Now you can TRULY
have interchange. Something that’s only hackishly possible at the
moment. (Check the userland discussions for the number of times people
ask for “comment notifications”.)

Ok, I’m done for now. And for Christ’s Sake, if I’m wrong tell me. I ain’t gonna break… really.

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